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2007 Hanes Catalog 15 by SpazChicken 2007 Hanes Catalog 15 by SpazChicken
I don't show much of my business side here on DA, but I though you guys might like to see these.

In mid-late 2006 I was contacted by an ad agency in regards to some of my t-shirt designs. They were doing the 2007 Hanes Printables catalogs and wanted to know if they could use some of my designs in the catalog.

The purpose of this catalog is not to sell t-shirt designs, but to sell blank shirts to screen-printers. It's a resource for helping the end client pick garment styles. As a screen-printer myself, I was more than honored.

My role turned out to be quite a bit more and just supplying just one design. As it happens, I ended up designing and printing every printed shirt in the catalog. Now some of them were existing logos use with permission of their respective owners, but I still printed those as well.

I'm only just putting these here because I was not allowed to while the 2007 Catalogs were still active. Now that the 2008 Catalogs are out, I can use these images.

This is the most high profile job I've ever had, and I'm quite proud of it. I will be uploading quite a few of these over the next day or so.

Image (C) Hanes Printibles
Melissa Reaves likeness used by permission
Shirt Design (C) Spaz Chicken Productions, Inc.
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